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Ittybitty lessons age 4-7

Young Riders age 8-16

Adult lessons, private and group.

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The Bright Ranch is our working horse ranch nestled in the rolling foothills and vineyards of southern Santa Clara county in the small town of San Martin, California.

We invite you to come and enjoy the various horsemanship services that our family-owned business has to offer.

Our signature line of custom western saddles and training services has been influenced by our lifelong passion for horses and the rich experiences that come from sharing our equestrian skills with others.


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We had the pleasure of hosting the Gilroy Foundation’s Youth Board for a leadership-team building exercise ( Horse Saddle Challenge!) after which they held their first meeting and voted for their Board officers!


Next we addressed the problem of saddles.

Our clients had horses, but were having a hard time finding well-fitting saddles for their horses. Bright Ranch Saddlery was born. We now offer high quality, handmade saddles at reasonable prices.

Our Leadership Program is the manifestation of another dream. Business is becoming aware that their most valuable resource is the people that work for them. My vision, now a reality, is that through the use of an equestrian setting, managers can learn new and effective methods for dealing with their personnel. Horses are great teachers. By bringing executives out into the ranch setting, we allow them to take a good look at themselves and how they relate to others, all the while having a good time.

It is a joy to watch a group of people who have never ridden before, be working cattle on horseback by the end of the day. They return to work refreshed and perhaps wiser for the experience. -

Dennis Bright

From Dream to Reality - A chance to serve our students and the community. The Bright Ranch began as a dream. When we started our horse business, I thought it was my chance, as an adult, to build my dream of how our life was supposed to be, to provide my wife Kristin and I the opportunity to raise our family with plenty of room to play and animals to care for. Somewhere along the way, I realized it wasn't about what I wanted, it was about what others needed. Simply put, I learned that I had the ability to help others pursue their dreams through horsemanship education.

Over the years, I found that not only did my clients become better horsepersons, they also experienced incredible growth in their personal lives. I discovered that horses are teachers of great truths, and working with horses forces us to confront many issues that are relevant to our daily lives, at home and in the business world. As our business grew over the years, we expanded our offerings to meet the needs of our students and the community.

Beginning with Horse Training and the Horsemanship Academy, we provided our clients with mounts and instruction. As their abilities advanced, we added more diversity of training. We added the weekend seminars to provide practice and exposure to different riding disciplines. We added horse pre-purchase evaluations to help our clients find the special horse just for them.


"I am amazed how much I have learned from horsemanship training at Bright Ranch.

From managing my own anxiety to being present to how my every action carries consequences moment to moment atop an animal 7x my size attempting a meeting of the minds.

Lessons I've taken away to everyday life and to the office.   No better trainer than Dennis!"

Steve Heuston, Silicon valley Bank


Leadership Program

Imagine - Building teamwork and having FUN at the same time! The Leadership Program is designed to encourage leadership and team building skills for today's executives.

This program offers individuals the opportunity to experience the challenges of the 19th century in a setting far removed from their contemporary workplace. Imagine having to accomplish specific exercises individually and in teams from horseback, like the historic western cowboy rounding up Texas Longhorn cattle or the U.S. Cavalry riding in column formation.

The theme of this learning opportunity revolves around the horse, a symbol of the untamed western frontier. Unlike any other challenge in today's society, the horse offers a unique insight into how people view themselves and react to the world around them.

Our clients learn creative problem solving and they are challenged to break through personal and physical barriers and successfully communicate to teammates. They develop self-esteem, personal confidence and perhaps most importantly, the ability to manage their fear. All of this is a safe setting that is rustic yet entertaining.

The Bright Ranch Leadership Program is a one-of-a-kind western experience that will always be remembered. The course agenda is specifically designed to meet corporate goals and team objectives. We offer 1, 2, 3 or 4 day programs, that include meals, lodging, horses, cattle, and equipment.


We understand the challenges of learning how to ride at an age when most people are content playing golf or taking up power walking. Our clients come to us from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. Many of them bring their hopes and dreams of riding just like their childhood TV heroes. They have earned the right to focus on themselves after years of pursuing careers and/or parenthood. The Semi-Private lessons provide for individualized instruction in groups of 2 or 3 persons. The group class may have up to 8 students in one class.

Bright Ranch Horsemanship Academy

The Horsemanship Academy evolved from the idea of simply providing horseback riding instruction for our clients whose horses were in training and eventually led to an in-depth study of the Art of Horsemanship. The Horsemanship Academy is now composed of several distinct programs based on "The Bright Way" philosophy of training. We're proud to offer different programs that we've designed for students based on their age and skill level.

The adult Horsemanship Program was driven by our clients' needs to create a method of learning that communicated with them at their adult level.

"Committed to helping people through horsemanship education since 1991" - Dennis & Kristin Bright

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